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Trailers: ‘SuperMansion’ and ‘Batman vs. Superman’

As you’re coming off your Comic Con high from the weekend, today’s trailers honor upcoming films and T.V. shows about superheroes…and those that once were.

Bryan Cranston is lending his voice and claymation skills in a new comedic series, SuperMansion. Titanium Rex (Cranston) is an aging superhero struggling to get back into the world of fighting crime. His crew of “has beens,” known as The League of Freedom, also can’t stay relevant. After watching the trailer, I think the show resembles an adult version of The Incredibles. It you’re looking for Adult Swim type of humor, get excited for SuperMansion. Cranston and Seth Green are executive producers of the show; it will premiere this Fall on Crackle.

The trailer for Batman vs. Superman: The Dawn of Justice was released over the weekend. Henry Cavill reprises his role as Superman and Ben Affleck comes in as the new Batman. Superman continues to bring peace to the streets of New York, meanwhile Batman has put away the bat mobile. When a disaster happens, Batman realizes Gotham needs him again. Both super heroes face off determining which “savior” the world needs the most. The film will be released March 25, 2016. With these two popular crime fighters, I understand the anticipation behind the film but, I’m personally not thrilled by the preview. It’s the heroic version of Freddie vs. Jason. What do you think? Excited or Unimpressed?



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