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‘Chumbawamba’ Is Getting Up Again With a Documentary

From the radio to my iTunes playlist, I still jam out to the catching tune “Tubthumping” from the 90s. There’s so many catchy parts to British band, Chumbawamba’s, popular song…it’s hard to not forget. Sadly, the band went into non-existence after its one-hit wonder. Now, they’re making a comeback with a documentary.

Ex-band member, turned filmmaker Dunstan Bruce announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund “I Get Knocked Down (The Untold Story of Chumbawamba.)” In the video you also see Alice Notter, the female lead from the group. Remember “pissing the night away?”

In the campaign video, you learn about the band’s upbringing, which spanned over a decade before “Tubthumping.” The members were also heavily involved in politics. Notter says “being part of Chumbawamba gave me the confidence to go out in the world to do what I wanted to do.” According to the page, the money made from the song was given to causes the band believed in, but they didn’t make any money again. Bruce says he doesn’t want to lose this story.

The band is pledging about $60,000 for the project by July 31. If they reach their target goal, they hope to have a finished film by Spring 2016. Learn more about the band and film on the KICKSTARTER page!


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