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Review: ‘The Longest Ride’ is Worth the Journey

From page to film…Nicholas Sparks may have done it again. The adaptation of “The Longest Ride” stars Scott Eastwood (Clint’s youngest son) and Britt Robertson.

Eastwood plays Luke Collins, a North Carolina bull rider who’s trying to relinquish his career after an injury. Robertson plays Sophia, a determined art student and sorority girl, who’s accepted an internship in New York at the end of the school year. While studying one night, she’s urged by some of her sorority sisters to go to a bull riding event. She locks eyes with Eastwood, the two strike up a conversation, which leads to a date.

Fast forward through the date, Sophia reveals that she’ll be leaving North Carolina in two months and Luke comes to terms that a relationship with her may not happen. On the way home from the date, Luke and Sophia spot a man who’s crashed his car off the road. While rescuing him, he calls for Sophia to grab a box in his car. When they arrive at the hospital, Sophia chooses to wait to see if the man will be okay. She opens the box to find it’s filled with old love letters messaged to a woman named Ruth.

When Sophia meets the man, named Ira, she questions about Ruth. Ira says he hasn’t been able to read his letters for years, so Sophia offers to read through his letters while visiting him at the hospital for several weeks. Luke comes back into the picture when he brings Ira a keepsake. Sophia and Luke’s relationship officially forms.

The film then goes back and forth between Ira and Ruth’s story and Luke and Sophia. Ira deals with a debilitating injury after returning from the war and Ruth must decide if she can accept not being able to create a family with him. Luke and Sophia try to understand each other’s worlds, while keeping true to themselves. Both stories end on a high note…but that part I won’t reveal.

Going into the film, I expected to see hints of “The Notebook” since that’s Sparks’ popular film, but I think “Longest Ride” has its own story. Although, it has the typical flashbacks of generational love, it was interesting to see how my age group views relationships versus my parents and grandparents.

Even though Scott Eastwood has it in the bag because of his dad, I still think he did a nice job in the film! His character as a bull rider is believable; he was always hungry for that reigning title…with the Southern Charm I might add. For Britt, I’m not too familiar with any of her roles, but she also did well in the film. Her portrayal as Sophia was convincing as well. I think young career women can relate to her by understanding if you can really have your cake and eat it too? Career and love? Love over career? Just career?

I recommend the film. It’s great for a Sunday afternoon after brunch or catching it on a rainy day with your sweetheart or your girlfriends.


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